The Old Sixth Ward neighborhood is a City of Houston-designated "Historic Districtand as such, all new construction and alterations to existing homes go through the Houston Archaeological and Historic Commission to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness (C of A).
This does not apply to routine repairs that do not change the architecture of the home. Exterior paint colors and interior modifications of a home are NOT affected by the ordinance.

There are no deed restrictions in the Old Sixth Ward. We have never had deed restrictions, and to implement them at this point would require 100% agreement to any and all restrictions to be implemented. We are working to implement design standards, including a "pattern book" that will help those applying for a Certificate of Appropriateness through the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC).

It is very important that you talk to the City of Houston Historic Preservation office about a Certificate of Appropriateness before beginning your design plans.