Bettie E. Williams House, 1910 Decatur

Records date this Gulf Coast Colonial/Greek Revival home to 1866, making it one of the oldest documented houses in Houston. Originally built for the Levy family as a simple five bay ā€œIā€ house with a dog trot foyer. It was remodeled and enlarged in 1885 by Ms. Bettie Williams, a wealthy freed slave from the Carolinas, to its current appearance. It was abandoned in the 1980ā€™s and fell into severe disrepair before being rescued in 1996. Before restoration, it was seen by many as a "tear down". It had boarded windows, no utilities, and gaping holes in the floor and roof. While under restoration, the history of the home was documented.

In 1996 Matthew B. Cox was awarded a Good Brick Award for the restoration of the Bettie E. Williams House by the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance.

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