2006 Decatur

This house as seen from the street is actually the side of a five-bay center hall Folk Victorian built in the early 1880’s by Mr. Benjamin Riesner for his sister-in law and her family, that originally faced the street. Mr. Riesner began his storied career as a wagon maker who later owned one of the city’s largest structural steel foundries. He served as the alderman of the Fourth Ward North who led the drive to have the neighborhood designated as the Sixth Ward, a separate ward, and rose in politics to become the Chair of the National Selective Draft Board for World War I. This house received notoriety in 1887 when Mr. Riesner fatally shot his brother in law during a domestic dispute. After a sensational court trial, where curiosity seekers from all over the town descended onto to the backyard to witness the site of the murder, Mr. Riesner was acquitted on grounds of self-defense. After Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bammel purchased the once-double lot in 1906, they had the house rotated on the lot to face the west in order to create space for their new residence next door at 2004.

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