2116 Kane

The William Hopkins House

This cottage was built in 1884 by William Hopkins, a carpenter, and enlarged in the mid 20th century to its current appearance. It originally featured a full width porch along the front and six over six paned windows. In the early 20th century, there was a small cigar-processing factory behind the house. Workers would dry and roll tobacco grown along the Brazos River bottomlands into cigars. Locally-made cigars were cheaper than their Cuban counterparts and enjoyed by the working class men. During a cold snap in the early 1920’s an ember blew from a heating stove and landed on a stack of tobacco drying nearby, resulting in a fire that consumed the factory and three houses east of it. The catastrophe was the impetus behind the city of Houston’s decision to build a modern firehouse nearby on the corner of Henderson and Decatur Sts. From the 1930’s until the 1960’s, this house was used as a parsonage for the Baptist Tabernacle Church, located at 1919 Decatur St.

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