900 Sabine

The Raia Compound circa 1885 - 1940, 818, 900, 902, and 904 Sabine Street

Members of the Raia family owned this cluster of tenant houses for many years. The first house, 818 Sabine, was built around 1910 and features boxcar siding, most widely seen on railroad boxcars of the early 20th century. There was a large railroad car manufacturing plant off Washington Avenue around the turn of the 20th century and several houses in the area were built with boxcar siding discarded by the plant. The house at 900 Sabine was originally at 818 Sabine. It was built in the mid 1890’s as Folk Victorian gable-front cottage with an inset porch, identical to the house at 902 Sabine Street. The house was relocated to the rear of the property prior to the construction of 818 Sabine Street in 1910. The 902 Sabine house dates from the late 1880’s and is identified as a Folk-Victorian cottage with an inset porch. The garage apartment, at 904 Sabine (hidden behind 902 Sabine) was built around 1940. It once served as a two-car garage with an one-bedroom apartment above; the garage bays were recently converted into a single studio apartment. The small building in front of 902 Sabine was built for Mr. Raia as a print shop in 1939.

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