1812 State

This is the original house built in 1895 on 1812 State St. It was moved to 1807 Decatur in 1999 to save it from demolition. This bungalow-style residence began its life as an ell-wing folk Victorian. It was purchased by the Phillip Helfrich family in the early 1900's. The Helfrich family raised ten children in this house. Mr. Helfrich tended to roses as a hobby and sold cuttings. The house was updated in the Bungalow Movement in 1925 in preparation for the marriage of the eldest Helfrich daughter, Margaret, to Mr. Edward Westerman. Mrs. Margaret Westerman worked as the city secretary for many years and the city hall annex is named after her. Her personal residence still stands at 2212 Kane in the Old Sixth Ward. One of the Helfrich sons married Ella Rice who later invented the tunnel of fudge cake, which won the National Pilsbury Bake-Off contest in the 1960s.

1807 Decatur aka 1811 State

A new house was built at this address in 2012.

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