2110 State

This residence was built by John McGowan on 1517 Lubbock and was moved to its present location in 1996. He owned a restaurant on Washington Avenue called Ruby's that was located across the street from the Brazos Hotel. He and his wife Barbara raised their three daughters in the house.

He also dabbled in real estate and owned nearly the entire block that the house originally stood. In 1905 he was diagnosed with cancer and decided to build a splendid home for his family to live out the rest of their lives mortgage free. The resulting house stood next door at 1519 Lubbock, affectionately known as the McGowan House. It was marked by a granite stepping stone in its front yard emblazoned with the McGowan name. It burned down on New Year's day 2001.

The photo below is believed to be from the original location on Lubbock St.

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