2111 State

The Holm House on State Street was built in 1893, and Charles and Celestine Holm and their seven children moved in around 1910. The house had a large front porch on both floors and on the east side. Almost every house in the neighborhood has their front porches on the east side, perhaps as a way to shade the porch from Houston’s intense afternoon sun so that a breeze could still be enjoyed. While the Holms lived in the Sixth Ward, the house served as a central place for family events and they were extremely involved in the neighborhood. Holms married into other German families from the neighborhood and they attended church at Trinity Lutheran on Houston Ave, but as with many families from the neighborhood, the Holm family moved to the Woodland Heights in the 1920s. While the Woodland Heights today would not be considered the suburbs by any standards, at the time it was, and families moving to neighborhoods like the Woodland Heights was just the beginning of suburban flight as transportation became easier for Houston residents. In 2011 Reliant Energy chose the house for an experimental refitting project intended to make older homes in the neighborhood more energy efficient. Placing solar panels and making other improvements to houses in historic protected neighborhoods proved to be challenging. The panels were to be remain completely out of site from the street while still being located in an appropriate place for catching the sun’s rays. (From Houston Histories on Facebook)

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