1715 Bismark

In 1853 Joseph Renner, a German immigrant, bought a 2-acre tract south of the new Washington Road and east of what is now Sabine Street. In 1879, 14 years before his death, the tract was divided into lots; some were given to his children and some were sold. Joseph Renner's daughter Flora M. Jones received lot 8. The house on the front of lot 8 at 812 Sabine was built in about 1888.

Theodore Werner owned and operated a retail grocery store at 1709 Washington, and he and his heirs were the owners of lot 8 from 1902 until 1975. In about 1905 a second house was built on the back of lot 8. It faced a narrow street or alley on the east side of the Renner tract called Renner Court, which no longer exists. That house at 814 Renner Court was also accessible from the west end of Bismark Street, and the address is now 1715 Bismark. Since 1996 812 Sabine and 1715 Bismark have had separate owners. From 1902 until 1996 both houses were rental property.

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