2313 Union

In 1883 Joshua Gibson, an English immigrant and railroad carpenter and coach builder, bought 4 lots at the corner of Union and Sawyer.  He lived on the corner lot at 2317 Union in a house that no longer exists.  The lot was sold to the city for street construction in 1968.  The three-bay center hall Folk Victorian with a ½ width applied porch at 2313 Union is a tenant house built prior to 1896.  It may have been built by Joshua Gibson or it may have been relocated from another location.  2311 Union is another tenant house built by Joshua Gibson.  Both were inherited by Joshua's daughter Maggie and her husband Herman Radke, a police detective.  They lived at 2313 Union from about 1917 to 1923.  In 1931 Mrs. Fannie L. Putman bought 2313 Union.  She and her husband ran a cafe.  He died in 1954, and she lived at 2313 Union until her death in 1966.

The small house facing west on the rear of lot 10 behind 2313 Union was moved to that location from 1604 Ovid in the First Ward by Phil Neisel in 2008.

Made for appraisal purposes, probably in 1970s.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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