2113 State

In about 1893 Charles Hartmann built a dwelling on lots 9 and 10, and after his death it was inherited by his wife, who married George D. Meyer in 1900.  In 1905 they paid $1065 for improvements on the two lots.  A reasonable conjecture is that 2113 State on lot 9 is the 1893 house and that 2115 State on lot 10 is a new house built in 1905.  George and Elizabeth Meyer were both German immigrants.  They lived all their married lives in the five bay center hall Folk Victorian cottage at 2113 State.  She died in 1951.  2113 State was inherited by their youngest daughter Pauline and her husband Thomas D. Heaney.  It was at times their residence and at times an office for Thos. D. Heaney Engineers, Inc.  It may have been both simultaneously.  Lot 9 was sold by the Heaney heirs in 1995.  It belonged to Elizabeth Meyer and her descendants for more than 100 years.

Made 1 Nov 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.  "Two large magnolias obscure front."

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