1815 Kane

This 2-story side hall Victorian house was built in 1898 by Charles Conway, an English immigrant and a painter in the H. & T. C. shops.  Three generations of the Conway family have lived here at one time or another.  Frank Cotney, a machinist in the H. & T. C. shops, married Susie Conway in 1895.  Later they ran a floral company at 2531 Washington near the entrance to Glenwood Cemetery.  James R. Davenport, an attorney, married Emma Conway in 1891.  Their daughter Loraine married George F. Lahrssen in about 1928, and until 1960 the address is associated with George F. Lahrssen and the Ever-Ready Plumbing Co.  City directories indicate that the house was duplexed in about 1939.  Today it is once again a single family dwelling.

Made Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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