605 Silver

Until about 1972 there was a 2-story house at 1902 State St. at the corner of State and Silver.  For many years it was the home of Gallatin J. Scott, a switchman and yard foreman for the H. & T. C., and his wife.  From 1912 until 1947 a 1-story house at 1906 State St. was the home of Salvatore Romeo, a shoemaker, and his wife.  Both were Italian immigrants.  One of Salvatore Romeo's sons, Felix J. Romeo, bought the corner lot in 1963.  The 2-story house was demolished and a commercial building was constructed on the corner.  Sam's Motorcycles is in city directories for the first time in 1972 and was in business until about 2012, run by both Felix and his son, Sam.  Felix Romeo bought the family homestead in 1973; the house was demolished and incorporated into the motorcycle shop.

In 2014 the commercial building that had been Sam's Motorcycles was drastically modified.  Everything but the foundation and the steel columns and girders and a cinder block wall on the north side was removed, and it was rebuilt into a residence.  Enough was left of the original structure to keep it from being categorized as "new construction", and therefore the new building was exempt from normal setback requirements.

House in the background on the far right is 1820 Lubbock.  It was moved to that location in about 1954.

Made 20 Oct 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.  The house faces State Street at 1902 State.

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