1904 Decatur

The contemporary residence at 1904 Decatur today marks the former site of the Henry N. Wilder house, which burned in the 1980's.  The Wilder family lived at 703 Silver until 1912, when they sold their lot to the City of Houston so that the Dow School could be built.  Henry N. Wilder worked for the H. & T. C. as a locomotive engineer.  In 1912 he bought an early 1890's house at 1904 Decatur.  After living there for a few years, he raised the house and built another story under the original house.  He and his wife lived at 1904 Decatur until the early 1930's.  The property remained in the Wilder family until 1997.

The current contemporary structure that sits there today was built in 2001 before the neighborhood became a protected historic district with design guidelines for new construction.

Made in 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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