902 Sabine

In 1853 Joseph Renner, a German immigrant, bought a 2-acre tract south of the new Washington Road and east of what is now Sabine Street.  In 1879, 14 years before his death, the tract was divided into lots; some were given to his children and some were sold.

In 1899 Frank Artale, a barber, bought lot 5 and began to live in the gable-front Folk Victorian cottage at 902 Sabine that the Renner heirs built in about 1893.  He and his wife Ignatia were both Italian immigrants, and they lived at 902 Sabine until her death in 1906 and his death in 1917.  Their son Paul Artale, a driver for an ice company, and his family lived in the house until 1928.  Paul's older brother Frank Artale, Jr. and his family lived in a second house on the lot at 900 Sabine.  In 1935 the surviving children of Frank and Ignatia Artale sold both houses to Sam Raia, their nephew and a maternal grandson of Frank and Ignatia Artale.

In city directories from 1939 until 1948 Samuel B. Raia is the resident owner of 902 Sabine.  It is also the address of the Raia Printing Co.  The square building in front of the house at 902 Sabine was probably built by Sam Raia as a printing shop of some kind.  In the 1950 Sanborn map it is marked "S" for 'store'.  In the 1952 and 1953 city directories 902 Sabine is "Beamon Cleaners pick up sta".  From 1954 until 1960 Mrs. Gloria Cortez lives at 902 Sabine, which is also "Blue Front Gro".  She probably ran the grocery store in the little square building on the street.

Sam Raia's wife and her children sold their property on Sabine in 1997.

The house on the left is 902 Sabine.  The house behind it on the right is 900 Sabine.

Made 10 Dec 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.  The photo on the right is 902 Sabine on the front of the lot.  900 Sabine behind 902 is the house on the right in the photo on the left.  The 2-story garage apartment in the NE corner of the lot is 904 Sabine.

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