2012 Kane

In 1893 John P. Williams, the manager of J. T. Brady's Brick Works, built 3 very similar Folk Victorian cottages on two 50' lots as tenant houses.  Their similarity has led to their being called 'The Three Sisters'.  He sold them to 3 different parties in 1920; Cornelius W. Connors, a locomotive engineer, bought 2010 Kane.  He died in 1932, but his wife Elizabeth continued to live at 2010 Kane until 1952.  The extension of the front porch, which can be seen in the 1924 Sanborn map, was presumably made by Connors.  It is reasonable to conjecture that he built the brick porch steps at the same time that he expanded the porch.  Brick steps were not common in the Sixth Ward.  He probably liked them so much that he built similar steps at 2012 Kane after he bought it in 1932.

Connors bought 2014 Kane in 1927, so after 1932 he owned each of the Three Sisters.  In the 1950's they were purchased by Oscar and Celia Trapolino, who owned the grocery store in the brick building at the corner of Kane and Silver.  The two lots had a single owner from 1871 until 1920 and from 1932 until 1999.  In 1999 and 2000 Charles and Anthony Russo, legatees of Celia Trapolino, sold the 3 houses to 3 different parties.

In 2004 Joe Meppelink and Marisa Janusz received a Good Brick award from Preservation Houston "for 2012 Kane St., a restored and enlarged 1890's Folk Victorian cottage in the Old Sixth Ward".

Made 25 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.  The house shown partially on the left is 2012 Kane.

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