1920 Kane

One of only two surviving examples of “I” houses in the neighborhood, this house was built in about 1883 by James Openshaw, a railroad machinist. The house reflects the transition from the Greek Revival to the Italianate style. In 1890 the Openshaws sold the house to Henry Stoermer, a grocer. His family lived in the house until 1906, when they sold it to Frank and Theresa Hutton. It remained in the Hutton family until 1999. Frank Hutton was a barber.

The current two-story porch was added by the Huttons before 1924. The rear addition on the NE corner (not seen from the street) was originally the belfry of the wood-frame building that housed the Tabernacle Baptist Church at 1919 Decatur until the current brick building was built in 1929.

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