903 Taylor

This early Craftsman style house was built in about 1915 by Samuel Forman after he rotated his 2-story house at the corner of Decatur and Taylor 90 degrees and moved it to the south part of his lot in order to free up space on the northern half of the lot.  In 1920 Forman sold 903 Taylor to Frank J. and Susie A. Hazard.  Frank Hazard was 68 in 1920.  He was living at 903 Taylor when he died in 1941 at age 90.  At that time he was living with a niece of his wife and her husband, who effectively inherited the house.  They lived at 903 Taylor until about 1960.  After that the house was rental property.  By 2019 it was severely dilapidated with a large hole in the roof.

Made 19 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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