1811 State

In 1907 James A. Baker, Jr. bought 4 1/2 lots on the corner of State and Silver and the 4 1/2 lots south of them on Nicaragua (now North Memorial Way). The buyer was Capt. James A. Baker (1857-1941), the second of 4 James A. Bakers associated with the law firm of Baker Botts. There were already 2 houses on State St. The north half of the property was divided into 5 lots with 45' of frontage. Three new houses were built in 1907 on vacant lots at 1813, 1815, and 1817 State St. In 1907 A. F. Morin bought the existing house at 1811 State St. His family lived there until 1922, and then until 1946 they rented it to others. A widow Mrs. Rita Cruz bought the house in 1946 and lived there until 1959. It and 1809 State were owned by her two daughters. Both houses fell into severe disrepair and were demolished and replaced.

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