1810 Kane

This ell-wing Folk Victorian cottage was probably built in the late 1880's by Josephine Bartine as a tenant house in the middle of lots 6 and 7.  It had several owners until it was purchased in 1902 by Ferdinand Maier, a barber.  He died in 1907, but his widow Mary Maier, a German immigrant, lived at 1810 Kane until the late 1940's.  Her niece, who inherited the two lots, sold them in 1951 to Frank J. Maenza, who sold them 2 weeks later to John M. and Joseph M. Filippone, who sold them in 1954 to Phillip R. Luna and his wife Ygnacia.  By 1950 the house at 1810 Kane had been moved westward so that it occupied only lot 6, and in the mid 1950's another house (now 1808 Kane) was moved onto lot 6.  Ygnacia Luna lived at 1810 Kane until the late 1960's, and her estate sold both lots to a developer in 2015. 


Made 26 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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