2112 Lubbock

This Folk Victorian ell-wing cottage on lot 4 was probably built in about 1893 as a tenant house by Jacob and Minnie Dopslauf.  On October 20, 1920 John Barbato bought lot 4 and also lot 3 west of it.  He lived at 1816 Kane and operated a bakery there.  On the same day he sold lot 3 to his father George Barbato, an Italian immigrant, and lot 4 to his brother-in-law Paul Colletti, also an Italian immigrant.  In 1910 Paul Colletti was a 17-year-old laborer living and working at the macaroni factory at 114 Preston.  There he met Mary Barbato, whose family was also living at 114 Preston.  By 1920 Paul Colletti was a shoemaker with his own shop; he and his wife still lived at 114 Preston.

Paul and Mary Colletti lived at 2112 Lubbock until 1941.  After that the house was rented.  Before he died in 1956, Paul Colletti and his wife acquired several rent houses in the neighborhood, and after his death she kept them.  She sold 2112 Lubbock a year before she died in 1984.

Made 23 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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