907 Henderson

This severely mistreated former Fourth Ward North Cottage with a later ell wing addition was probably built by Herman J. Lyons in about 1885. He was a carpenter. His wife Mary Lyons had bought the whole block in 1881. Daniel Bloxsom, a railroad carpenter and car builder, bought 907 Henderson in 1892 and lived there until about 1900. His son Edgar Bloxsom, a stenographer, remained at 907 Henderson until 1919. A son-in-law John W. Surles lived at 907 Henderson from 1934 until he died in 1950. In 1967 Gilberto G. Recio and his wife Maria C. Recio bought the house and the two commercial buildings north of it from Surles heirs. They lived at 907 Henderson and ran La Providencia Bakery at 919 Henderson from about 1963 until about 1984. In 2008 during the ownership of Tien Q. Dinh (1987--2014) 907 Henderson was declared a dangerous building. It has been vacant since at least 2008.

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