2317 Kane

Until 1912 the J. N. Hirsch Cooperage Co. occupied the site where 2315, 2317, and 2319 Kane are located today.  In 1912 Aleck and Yetta Epstein bought the property and constructed 3 almost identical tenant houses.  They also built a row of identical tenant houses on Epstein Court, off the 2800 block of Washington.  Aleck Epstein died in 1918 and Yetta remarried his half-brother, Yosif.  Yetta and both of her husbands were Russian Jews who immigrated to the US in about 1902.  Joe Epstein died in 1938, and Yetta died in 1949.  In 1946 she sold the 3 tenant houses to 3 separate parties: Benito and Jesusa Ramos (2315), Inocencio De La Portilla (2317), and Alfred and Petra Trevino (2319).  All of them received a release of lien in 1948.  All of them lived for many years in the houses that they bought in 1946.

Made 10 Dec 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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