2113 Decatur

George Danilovich was the proprietor of a fruit stand in downtown Houston.  He also dabbled in real estate.  He probably built the two Folk Victorian cottages at 2115 and 2117 Decatur in about 1890.  In the 1896 Sanborn map the house at 2113 Decatur is the mirror image of 2115 Decatur.  He probably built 2113 and 2115 at about the same time.  In about 1920 2113 Decatur became a 2-story house.  In city directories in the 1930's it is described as 'Apts'.  There are usually four.  From 1925 until 1955 the house was the property of either H. C. Cockburn or his brother-in-law Earl Evans.  They sometimes lived there.

Made 23 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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