908 1/2 Sabine

In 1853 Joseph Renner, a German immigrant, bought a 2-acre tract south of the new Washington Road and east of what is now Sabine Street. In 1879, 14 years before his death, the tract was divided into lots; some were given to his children and some were sold.

The house at 908 Sabine on the front of lot 4 was probably built in about 1892 by the Renner family as a tenant house. In 1901 Theodore Werner bought lot 4. He owned and operated a retail grocery store at 1709 Washington, and he and his heirs were the owners of lot 4 until 1975. In about 1922 a simple tenant cottage was built on the back part of lot 4 at 910 Renner Court. Renner Court was a narrow street or alley on the east side of the Renner tract; it no longer exists. Both houses were always rental property prior to 1996. 910 Renner Court is now 908 1/2 Sabine.

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