2003 Union

This 1-story brick building was built in about 1928 and until 1969 was the home of an automobile repair shop. The address was 915 White. In the 1910 census Salvatore Marino, an Italian immigrant, his wife, and 8 children are living on a truck farm. In the 1920's the family moved into town and in 1928 was living at 2007 Union in a house that no longer exists. In the 1930 census the father was managing his own filling station, and 3 of his 5 sons were working in the repair shop. It was called Marino Bros. Auto Service, Marino Bros. Auto Repair, or Marino's Motor Service.

Other businesses at times occupied part of the building. In the 1950's Priddy Bros., a company that sold wholesale dairy supplies and equipment, occupied 2003 Union. A restaurant, Grafitti's, with an automobile theme occupied the whole building from about 2015 until 2017. The building has been vacant since then.

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