2212 Decatur, Frederick Proehl Barbato house

Fritz Proehl was the proprietor of the Mechanics' Exchange Saloon, which was sometimes at the corner of Washington and Silver and sometimes at the corner of Washington and White.  He and his wife were both German immigrants.  In about 1889 he built a rectangular house at 2212 Decatur on the west side of the lot that was identical in the front to the house next door at 2204 Decatur.  Before 1907 a substantial front addition on the east side gave it its present-day appearance.

In 1934 Anthony Barbato bought 2212 Decatur.  Anthony and his older brother John were bakers who grew up on their parents' truck farm outside of Houston.  John was born in Italy; Anthony was born in Texas.  John lived at 1818 Kane and operated a bakery there; Anthony lived at 2212 Decatur until the late 1950's and operated his bakery there.  In the 1950 Sanborn map a building in the NE corner of the lot is marked "Pie Bakery".

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Made 19 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.