2314 Kane

Today 2314 Kane is a vacant lot because in 2013 the owners wanted to be rid of the house that stood there and were able to make an arrangement with Michael Morrow to move the house a short distance to its present location at 2219 Kane.  It is now the office of KinneyMorrow Architecture at 2219 Kane and was on the 2017 Good Brick Tour.  It won a Good Brick award from Preservation Houston in 2016 for the restoration and adaptive reuse of the house.

In 1904 E. R. Brashear built a 3-room frame dwelling at 2314 Kane for C. J. Hock for $980.  Carl Hock was a German immigrant and an engineer at the water works and lived there until about 1919.  In 1968 William D. Curry bought the house and lived there until shortly before his death in 2005.  He had previously lived next door at 2318 Kane with his mother in a house built by her parents.

Made 11 Oct 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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