717 Colorado

The firm of Krupp and Tuffly had a store on Main Street where they sold boots and shoes.  In 1879 the firm bought 3 lots on Colorado (then called Heiss Street) that had been part of a 20-acre tract bought by German immigrant Gregor Heiss in 1853.  They built a house on each lot.  Eli F. Campbell, a foreman blacksmith in the H. & T. C. shops, bought 717 Colorado in 1884. The current house, a cross-gabled Classical Revival cottage, is an alteration of the original house.  He died in 1899, but his widow continued at live at 717 Colorado until about 1908.  After that the house was sometimes owner-occupied and sometimes rental property.

Made 10 Dec 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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