1915 Decatur

James Dooley built a house on lot 11 in the 1870s.  From 1890 until 1825 it belonged to John M. Delhom, a saloon keeper.  During that period he lived there and at 1910 Kane.  In 1925 he sold 1915 Decatur to Frank and Theresa Hutton, who lived at 1920 Kane.  In 1938 Theresa sold it to the Tabernacle Baptist Church, and in the 1940s it was used as an "educational building".  The house was probably demolished in the early 1850s in order to provide parking for the church.  Today lot 11 is a parking lot for the commercial building that used to be the Tabernacle Baptist Church.

This is the south side of the 1900 block of Decatur.  From left to right the houses are 1909 Decatur, 1913 Decatur, and 1915 Decatur.  Note the car.

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