2116 Kane

This Fourth Ward North cottage was built in about 1885 by William Hopkins, a carpenter, and enlarged before 1907.  In the 1907 Sanborn map there is a large 1-story building in the middle of the rear of the lot labelled "CIGAR FAC.".  On March 18, 1907 Hopkins gave the house to his daughter Mary, and on the same day a marriage license was issued to her and Vincent P. Giardino.  He seems to have been a small-scale cigar manufacturer.  They divorced in 1911.

Mary and her new husband kept their house for 3 months and sold it in June 1907.  John McClain, a machinist in the H. & T. C. shops, lived at 2116 Kane from 1910 until 1927, when he sold the house to John Barbato, a baker who lived at 1816 Kane.  It remained in the Barbato family as a rent house until 1996.

Made 23 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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