2215 Decatur, Augusta Franck house

In 1893 Auguste Miller bought lots 9 and 10 as her own separate property.  H. J. Miller, a carpenter, was her second husband.  They were married in Galveston in 1893 and soon divorced.  Augusta had previously lived in Galveston with her first husband Victor Franck.  The ell-wing Folk Victorian cottage at 2215 Decatur on lot 10 was probably built in 1893.  In 1895-96 and in 1897-98 she is in the Houston city directory as Augusta Franck (wid Victor), and she lives at 2215 Decatur.  By 1900 she was again living in Galveston, where she and her daughter drowned in the Great Storm.  Her son Gus Franck, married to Mollie Haughton, inherited the house.  He gave the house to his wife in 1905, and they were divorced in 1908.  Mrs. Mollie Franck lived at 2215 Decatur until her death in 1919.  The house was then rental property until 1999. 

2215 Decatur B
2215 Decatur

Made Nov 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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