804 Sabine

In 1853 Joseph Renner, a German immigrant, bought a 2-acre tract south of the new Washington Road and east of what is now Sabine Street.  In 1879, 14 years before his death, the tract was divided into lots; some were given to his children and some were sold.  Joseph Renner's daughter Julia received lot 12, where she lived for many years, and additionally she bought lot 10 in 1886.  She and her husband built a house on lot 10 at 802 Sabine, which they sold in 1890.

Thomas Goodpasture, a tinner, lived there for many years before he bought the property in 1913, two years before his death.  In the mid-1920's during the ownership of Mrs. Augusta Sherman the 1880's house was moved to the rear of the lot, and a new house appeared on the front of the lot at 804 Sabine.  Both houses were rented for many years.  804 Sabine with 117 siding and 1/1 window sashes is a typical 1920's bungalow.

Made 10 Dec 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.  The newer house on the front of the lot is 804 Sabine.  The older house behind it is 802 Sabine.

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