2110 State

This ell-wing late Folk Victorian cottage was built in about 1899 at 1517 Lubbock by John McGowan and was moved to 2110 State in about 1998.  John McGowan was born in Scotland and worked as a chef at the Lawlor Hotel, the Rice Hotel, and the Ruby Cafe.  In 1896 he bought 5 vacant lots on the SE corner of Lubbock and Trinity, where he initially built a house for himself at 1517 Lubbock and 5 tenant houses.  He died in 1907 at the age of 47 from gastrointestinal cancer, and shortly before his death he built a grand house on the corner at 1519 Lubbock, in which he lived very briefly.  His widow lived at 1519 Lubbock until her death in 1941, and their daughter Margaret lived there until her death in 1959.  1519 Lubbock burned January 1, 2001 weeks before it was scheduled to be moved to the SW corner of Lubbock and Sabine.

Herman Buhse, who operated an auto trim business at 1616 Lubbock, owned 1517 and 1519 Lubbock and the lot on the NE corner of State and Trinity, and in 1997 he sold the 3 contiguous lots to Patrick David Loftus.  Those 3 lots are now a parking lot.

Loftus donated 1517 Lubbock to the OSWNA, and Dennis Doughty and Gil Costas, the owners of the lot at 2110 State, bought it for $1517.

                At 2110 State after being moved.

                       At 1517 Lubbock before being moved.

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