2007 Kane

In 1890 Charles J. Weber paid $1000 for a house very similar to the house built by his cousin M. L. Weber 2 years earlier next door at 2003 Kane for $800.  In both cases they paid a savings and loan association for labor and materials and agreed to superintend the construction.  M. L. Weber's house still exists; Charles's does not.  It vanished in about 1980.

Brett Mize bought the vacant lot in 1990, and he moved the house currently at 2007 Kane from Raymond Street in the summer of 1990.  Raymond is 2 blocks south of Washington and is 3 blocks long east of Waugh Drive.  That whole area south of Washington and east of Waugh was being cleared for redevelopment in 1990, and Brett remembers that the address was written in large red letters on the front of the house so that workmen would be guided to the right house.  He remembers "Raymond" but not the specific address.  The roof was of course removed in order to move the house, but it was already steeply pitched (as it is today).  The rear part of the current house is not original, but it was there when Brett moved it.  Brett added the window in the front gable after the move.

In the 1907 Sanborn map the building at 3601 Barnes is marked "Chaney Ville Public School".  Barnes is one block north of Raymond.  Chaneyville was a neighborhood in Houston in the general area of the school.  The name is clearly related to the Chaney Junction on the H. & T. C. railroad, which still exists.

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