900 Sabine

In 1853 Joseph Renner, a German immigrant, bought a 2-acre tract south of the new Washington Road and east of what is now Sabine Street.  In 1879, 14 years before his death, the tract was divided into lots; some were given to his children and some were sold.

In 1899 Frank Artale, an Italian immigrant and a barber, bought lot 5 and began to live in the house at 902 Sabine that the Renner heirs built in about 1893.  After his death in 1917 his son Paul Artale continued to live there until 1928.  The Artale family built the gable-front post-Victorian cottage at 900 Sabine in about 1913 either for family members or for tenants.  Frank Artale, Jr. resided there from about 1918 until 1928.  It has been rental property since 1928.  It originally faced a narrow street or alley on the east side of the Renner tract called Renner Court, which no longer exists.  By 1950 the original porches had been incorporated into the house, and a small attached porch had been added on the west side so that the house faced west.

White house with purple trim is 900 Sabine.

Made 10 Dec 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.  The house on the right is 900 Sabine.  The garage apartment on the left is 904 Sabine.

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