711 Sabine

In 1887 Jacob Hartung, a German immigrant and a machinist in the H. & T. C. shops, bought 2 lots with improvements on the southwest corner of Kane and Sabine.  In the 1890 Sanborn map two houses face Kane.  The house on the corner lot no longer exists, and the other one was moved in about 1905 and became 709 Sabine.  Jacob Hartung died in 1918 and his wife Charlotte died in 1919, and the property was inherited by their son Otto.  In about 1920 Otto Hartung built the Classical Revival cottage with a full width inset porch now at 711 Sabine.  He and his wife Martha lived there only briefly. In 1944 Martha Hartung, now a widow, sold the house to Hubbard Townsend and his wife Della.  He died a few months later, but she lived at 711 Sabine until 1970.

Made 29 Oct 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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