2212 Kane

Christian Anderson, a brick contractor, lived at 2212 Kane on lot 4 from the early 1890's until 1907.  In about 1888 he had married the widow of William Harbrecht, who had lived next door on lot 5 during the late 1870's.  The west side with the front facing gable of the current house at 2212 Kane is very old, and it seems likely that Anderson moved the Harbrecht house to lot 4 and then expanded it on the east side.

In 1907 Christian Anderson sold 2212 Kane to Henry Westerman, who was involved in several business enterprises.  He died in 1913, but his widow continued to live at 2212 Kane until her death in 1936.  In 1924 their son Walter A. Westerman married Margaret Helfrich, daughter of Philip Helfrich of 1812 State Street (moved to 1807 Decatur in 1999).  They lived at 2212 Kane until 1939.  Mrs. Margaret Westerman served as the secretary of the City of Houston for many years, and the city hall annex is named for her.

The house was sold to Eduardo P. Alvarado and his wife Janie in 1959 after being in the Westerman family for 52 years.

Made 1 Nov 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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