1804 Kane

In 1888 Hermann Dietze bought the lot on the NE corner of State and Henderson.  He was a German immigrant sometimes described as a saddler and sometimes as a harness maker.  He had previously bought the lot on the SE corner of Lubbock and Henderson, and at one time or another he lived on both lots.  He built 2 shotgun houses at 2020 and 2018 State in about 1896.  Upon his death in 1907 his only child Lota inherited the houses.  She was married first to Emmerich Riess, a German immigrant and a baker, and then to Marcelino Diaz, a Mexican immigrant who had several occupations.  After being tenant houses for many years, 2018 State disappeared (probably demolished) and 2020 State was moved to 1804 Kane in about 2004 to prevent demolition.

Made for appraisal purposes, probably in 1970s  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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