1818 Kane

In 1884 Charles William Doering, a German immigrant, bought 2 lots on the NE corner of Kane and Silver.  He and his wife lived on the corner lot at 1820 Kane until they moved to the Third Ward in about 1908.  He worked for the H. & T. C. as a draftsman and a machinist until he died in 1910.  After 1908 the Doering home was rented, and in about 1916 the family built a second rental house at 1818 Kane.  In 1920 both lots were sold to John Barbato, an Italian immigrant, who for many years lived at 1818 Kane and operated a bakery there.  1818 Kane was originally a 1-story house; during the Barbato ownership it was raised and a lower story was built under the original house.  Both lots remained in the Barbato family until 1991.

Made 29 Oct 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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