1917 Washington

In 1927 Louis and Hyman Seline bought two lots on the SE corner of Washington and White. At that time there was a 1-story house on the corner lot built in about 1870 but nothing on the other lot. Louis and his wife were Jewish immigrants born in Russia, and Hyman was their son born in Texas. Louis Seline was a tinner/tinsmith and a sheet metal contractor. In December 1927 he and his wife contracted with a builder to construct the 2-story brick building on the SE corner of Washington and White. The 10 apartments on the upper floor were referred to as the Seline Apartments and had the address 1915 Washington. Businesses on the ground floor had separate addresses. A 1-story extension behind the 2-story building with the address 916 White was Louis Seline's tin shop. Later the Seline Sheet Metal Works expanded into part of the lower floor of the 2-story building and was in business until about 1962. The Seline Apartments were in business until 1953. City directories indicate that they were often fully occupied.

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