1716 Lubbock

In 1879 Duncan McDonald, a Canadian immigrant, bought 2 lots on the NW corner of Lubbock and Sabine.  He worked for the H. & T. C. as a bridge builder and then roadmaster.  He built a large 1-story house facing Lubbock on the corner lot and lived there.  In 1896 his wife Mrs. Annie McDonald got a building permit to build the 2-story vernacular Queen Anne Victorian house now at 1716 Lubbock.  At some point they moved into the new house.  They lived there until about 1903, when they moved to 1109 Boulevard in Houston Heights.  Various owners have lived in the house, including José Compean, a Mexican immigrant, from 1945 until 1980.  He was a music teacher, and in city directories 1716 Lubbock is sometimes 'Compean Music Studio'.

Made for appraisal purposes, probably in the 1970s.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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