2217 Union

Three lots (10-12) at the corner of Union and Taylor once belonged to Herman Loock, a blacksmith who lived from about 1880 to 1900 on the corner lot.  Between January 1903 and October 1904 Gustave Artz, a butcher, acquired these 3 lots.  In about 1905 he moved the house that Herman Loock had lived in to the rear of the lot and rotated it 90 degrees to face Taylor at 908 Taylor, and then he built the post-Victorian ell-wing cottage that is at 2217 Union today.  During 4 decades Gustave and his wife Dora, a Rumanian immigrant, lived in 4 houses that they owned, which were the 3 houses facing Union on lots 10-12 and a house in the First Ward.  In 1938 Dora Artz bequeathed lot 12 to 2 daughters by a prior marriage.  In 1943 it was purchased by Anthony Barbato, who lived at 2210 Decatur and operated a bakery there.  During 45 years of Barbato ownership 2217 Union and 908 Taylor were rental property.

Made 19 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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