1814 State

The current house at 1814 State Street was built in 2017 on lot 3 and the west half of lot 4.  In 1999 the 19th century house on lots 4 and 5 was moved to 1807 Decatur and is now the office of Harry Gendel, an architect.  He and his wife Diane received a Good Brick Award from the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance in 2000 for their restoration of the house.  In the 1990's the large 19th century house on lot 3 at 1816 State was demolished by Sam Romeo, the owner of Sam's Motorcycles at the corner of State and Silver.  It had been used to store motorcycle parts and was said to be contaminated with oil and gasoline.

Mrs. Annie M. Imhoff built a 1-story frame cottage at 1816 State in 1889.  By 1950 the house had become 2-story.  In 1918 Charles Dorfman and his wife Frieda moved from 1813 State to 1816 State; he lived there until his death in 1934 and Frieda lived there until 1945.  They were Jewish immigrants, probably from Galicia (now southeastern Poland).  Charles Dorfman was a vegetables vendor.  

Made 26 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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