606 White

This center hall Folk Victorian cottage originally faced State Street at 1918 State.  Albert F. W. Gaedke was a German immigrant and a carpenter in the H. & T. C. shops.  He may have built the house in about 1887 or he may have substantially enlarged an existing structure.  The family lived at 1918 State until 1912.  In that year Ed Sacks, a Russian immigrant and a dealer in coal, wood, and charcoal, bought the property.  In about 1914 he rotated the house 90 degrees and moved it to the rear of the lot.  It became 608 White.  However, he did not build anything on the front of the lot.  The duplex at 1920 & 1922 and the house at 1918 State were built in 1939 and 1949, respectively, during the ownership of Paul Colletti.  He owned other rental property in the neighborhood.

By 1950 the Gaedke house had been divided into 3 dwellings: 606 & 608 White and 1918 1/2 State.  The modern address is 606 White.  From 1912 until 2009 all the dwellings on the lot were occupied by renters/tenants.  The three buildings now have 3 separate owners.

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