1910 Decatur  

Bettie Williams was one of 3 children of Hester Needham, a widow who for many years ran a boarding house on Washington Avenue between Houston Avenue and Trinity.  Betty married Benjamin Williams in Harris Co. in 1868.  In 1870 she bought lots 4 and 5 for $150.  She built a house on lot 4, probably in the late 1870's, but she never lived there.  She and her husband sold both lots in 1890 after they had moved to Victoria.  Charles Clappart, a locomotive engineer for the H. & T. C., bought both lots in 1897 and lived on lot 4 at 1910 Decatur until about 1902.  Structural evidence indicates that the rear wing of the present house was at one time a separate building.  Restoration in the 1990's revealed evidence of an extensive remodel in the 1890's.  In 1908 Charles Clappart sold 1910 Decatur to Marcus Clarke, who lived next door at 1908 Decatur.  Frank R. Hutton and his wife Theresa bought 1910 Decatur in 1926.  For many years they lived at 1920 Kane.  Theresa bought 1908 Decatur in 1938.  Both remained in the Hutton family until the 1990's.  They were rental property during the Hutton ownership.

1910 Decatur was in a severely deteriorated condition when Matthew Cox bought it in 1996.  He repaired and restored it.  In 1997 he received a Good Brick award from Preservation Houston "for the restoration of his home (c. 1878) at 1910 Decatur St.".

Made 19 Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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