1913 Lubbock

This Fourth Ward North cottage was probably built in about 1883 by Thomas King, a carpenter.  It was in the middle of lot 10 and the east half of lot 11.  John Clay bought the property in 1889 and his widow sold it in 1938.  They never lived there.  John Clay was a successful businessman who had a store at 1502 Washington.  From 1907 until 1937 James Powers and then his widow Kate Powers were renters at 1913 Lubbock.  In about 1939 the new owner, David Lewis, who owned and operated the Southern Bread Co. at 2015 Lubbock, moved the 1883 house eastward and built another house at 1917 Lubbock on the western part of the 75' lot.  The brick porch supports and 117 siding on the front of 1913 Lubbock probably represent a modernization associated with the move.  Since 1889 the house has been rental property.

Made Jul 1973 for appraisal purposes.  Courtesy Harris Co. Archives.

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